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Devita BRT

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is a new direction in medical and preventive medicine. Devices BRT work with electromagnetic fluctuations of the human body.

The purpose of this therapy is to neutralize the patient's pathological fluctuations and to activate the body's immune forces. No external energy is used (low-frequency, ultrasonic vibrations, etc.), all fluctuations are physiological. In the process of conducting bio-resonance therapy, the accumulated endo- and exotoxins are eliminated from the body, i.e. mesenchymal reactivation is carried out.

Provides the physician with a whole range of new opportunities, such as effective treatment of various forms of allergy, treatment of tobacco and alcohol dependence, determining the side effects of pharmacological agents, and eliminating it.

Bioresonance therapy makes it very easy to obtain a variety of biologics through information transfer (imprinting) of direct physiological and pathological, and inverted pathological electromagnetic fluctuations of the patient to water, alcohol, homeopathic grits, and etc. Such biological products, in their effectiveness, correspond to nosodes, homeopathic, and organ preparations, and often they give a more pronounced therapeutic effect.

Bioresonance therapy is particularly effective in cases where the achievement of therapeutic success by traditional methods is impossible or involves considerable time and other costs. The clinical efficacy of bio-resonance therapy is more than 80%. The only method of therapy is without contraindications.

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Omi Pads

Magnetic therapy mattress for effective pain relief, improved circulation, better mental health, to treat anxiety symptoms, and improve sleep. 

Low-intensity electromagnetic therapy improves general wellbeing via this comfortable soft magnetic mattress with 8 copper coils for an all-around body and mind treatment evenly and effectively.

Stimulates the body externally and penetrates the body at a cellular level to improve energy levels, circulation, immunity, and more in just 30 mins twice a day for a few weeks.

Magnetic full body mat gives a natural and drug-free form of therapy with zero negative side effects and can also be used for pets - who instinctively feel the benefits!

The remote control unit makes this home use magnetic therapy treatment easy to use and it folds away easily making this therapy mattress a must-have health device for your home and mental well-being.

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Ananda Stress and Pain Reduction Device 

How does it work?

These amazing devices use 5 different energies delivered by what is known as a Low-Level PEMF therapy (Used by NASA for astronauts). PEMF is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields at a low level which is known to influence cell behavior by inducing tiny electrical changes around and within the body’s cells. This improves the blood supply and increases the oxygen pressure thus activating and regenerating cells. A bit like recharging your cellphone!

They have two health & wellness frequencies that are selectable to reduce stress or pain. They have white noise which is healing in its own right. These are delivered together with light energy, color energy, and crystalline energy. The frequencies are created in sine wave which has proven to be the best type of waveform to deliver this type of therapy.

All of the above are working in synchronicity to create a wonderful feeling of calm that will help to de-stress you or reduce your pain depending on which therapy you select.


Project E Beauty - Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask

Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask | designed for facial beautification uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin.

The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to beautify your complexion. Your Light Therapy results will be more dramatic if you use high-quality skincare products. You can apply Project E Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum before using the mask and/ or after the treatment to keep the skin smooth and moisturized.

This light therapy mask provides you 7 different light colors to treat a myriad of skin problems. Our UV Free non-heat-producing LEDs penetrate your facial tissue to boost collagen, clear and tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin color, and much more. Light therapy face mask uses the latest in light irradiation technology and quality materials making it safe, comfortable, natural, and reusable. Your skin absorbs the light energy, which then treats your skin condition depending on the color that is used.

AE Organism Electric Analyzer - Quantum Magnetic Analysis

Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer involves high-tech innovation projects of the machine, bioinformatics, electrical engineering, and other sciences.

Using quantum medicine as the theoretical basis, it applies advanced electronic equipment to collect the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analyzing and determining the tested person's health status and main problems and putting forward standard prevention recommendations.

Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is an individualized guide of health care consultation for full body and forward health science and has the advantages of completeness, non-invasiveness, practicality, simplicity, fastness, economy, easy popularization, etc. with the depth and development of scientific research, it will make a greater contribution for the cause of human health, having a broad development and application prospect.

Omega Light - Low Level LED Therapy

Omega light is the LED device to resolve complicated skin problems with the LED light. It facilitates regeneration and soothing and resolves skin troubles by irradiating lights with various wavelengths ranging from 423 nm to 640 nm.

Since it uses excellent and strong high-brightness special near-infrared SMD LED elements, it produces excellent effects. Omega light is the light source irradiation device that painlessly and safely takes care of risks which are disadvantages of general laser treatments such as heat damage and photo-aging wounds.


Innovative, highly sophisticated NANO-TECH device, which with its programmed frequencies in a very high percentage (over 90%) helps the body to defend itself against radiation from mobile phones, repeaters, computers, WI-FI (4G, 5G networks), groundwater, etc.

With its physiological frequencies, it stimulates the autonomic nervous system, breaks energy blockages, raises the flow of energy through all organs, and thus helps the human body to become energetically and immunologically stronger. 

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