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Green Juice

Whole Body Detox Program

Now Available at The Stress Free Center!


A cleanse and detox program is designed to nourish the body & soul, deeply and effectively release toxins' unhealthy build-up, restore healthier digestion, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and build resilience.

While effectively releasing toxic accumulations from the body’s organs, this process also encourages the release of negative feelings, emotions, and limiting thought patterns. This cleanse offers the opportunity to clear stagnant energy, reconnect with the body’s true needs, and support a vital, clear mind.

 Why Cleanse? 

Here are just a few reasons why people cleanse. 


When we get an unhealthy buildup of toxins in our bodies, it’s not pretty. These excess toxins will cause physical and mental health issues like chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and diseases. Many of these toxins come from things you use or consume daily like food, water, beauty, personal care products, and the environment. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to cleanse and detox your body, take a look below.

You’ll see many harsh pollutants and harmful pesticides in our environment that should not stay in your body. Since our body organs work together to help eliminate these trapped toxins, they must be healthy and in working order. The liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system are beneficial and important for cleansing the body.


Gentle Cleanse


This is for an entry-level cleanser wanting a gentle cleanse with a wide variety of treatments, supplements, and nutrition that taste delicious.

During this day, you will flush excess toxins, rest your digestive system, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored. You will experience a sense of balance in your body, mind, and Soul.


We will provide you with a daily schedule of treatments that will help you feel at your best in just one day. 

This package includes:

  • x3 Detox Juices

  • Superfoods included

  • x3 Coconut Water

  • x2 Detox Tea

  • x2 Booster Shots

  • x2 Seed Extract Supplements

  • GAIA Gold Capsules 

  • 30 min Consultation

  • 60 min Float - Detox bath full of Epsom Salts

Add the package below for a full detox program - €175

  • 60 min Healing Session - This session includes: Advance Technology Healing devices and Chakra Balancing and Clearing.

  • 60 min Detox Massage

  • 30 min Body Scrub



Intense Cleanse


Intense detox is for one who wants to go deeper into a cleanse and is willing to take prolong the detox to three days to further the benefits of a cleanse. ​

During these three days intense detox programs, you will experience a transformation on all levels. This will affect your state of mind, emotional wellness, and experience a body cleanse. You will feel rejuvenated, restored, and balanced.


We will provide you with a schedule of treatments to help you feel at your best during these 3 days.

This package includes:

  • x3 Daily Detox Juices 

  • Superfoods included

  • x3 Daily Coconut Water

  • x2 Daily Detox Tea

  • x2 Daily Boosters

  • x2 Daily Seed Extract Supplements

  • GAIA Gold Capsules

  • 30 min Consultation

  • x2 60 min Float ​- Detox bath full of Epsom Salts


Add the package below for a full detox program - €245

  • 60 min Healing Session - This session includes: Advance Technology Healing devices and Chakra Balancing and Clearing.

  • 60 min Detox Massage

  • 30 min Body Scrub

  • 90 min Detox Yoga 

1 Free Group Yoga Class



Deep Cleanse


For those wanting to detox deeply and cleanse simultaneously. This cleanse combines specialized treatments, smoothies, wellness boosters, and protein-packed shakes tailored to the individual.

During the seven Days Detox, you will transform the way you feel about yourself. You will experience rejuvenation, restoration and have a balanced body, mind, and Soul.


We will provide you with a schedule of treatments to help you feel at your best during these 5 days.

This package includes:

  • x3 Daily Detox Juices 

  • Superfoods included

  • x3 Daily Coconut Water

  • x2 Daily Detox Tea

  • x2 Daily Boosters

  • x1 Daily Protein Shake

  • x2 Daily Seed Extract Supplements

  • GAIA Gold Capsules

  • x2 30 min Consultation 

  • Additional Bio-Resonance Test

  • x3  60 min Float​ - Detox bath full of Epsom Salts

Add the package below for a full detox program €440 

  • x2 60 min Healing Sessions - This session includes: Advanced Technology Healing devices and Chakra Balancing and Clearing.

  • x2 60 min Detox Massage

  • 30 min Body Scrub

  • 30 min Body Clay 

  • x2 90 min Detox One on One Yoga 

2 Free Group Yoga Classes


 What's Included

The Stress Free Center Detox Program provides you with a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern technology. We believe that humanity is going through a huge transformation in evolution, thus detoxing hasn't been more crucial during these times. 

Rest your mind assured that you would be under great supervision, giving you all the support and guidance you need during this time spent with us.

You will be provided with the healthiest juices and boosters, keeping you feeling energized and vitalized. We will provide you with the most amazing supplements that are cold-pressed seed extract nutrients and detox. All our juices are nourished with superfoods such as wheatgrass, green/blue spirulina, lucuma, chlorella, barley grass, cacao, and raw hemp protein to provide you with rich nutritional oil.

As we welcome you to the program's start, we will have a consultation and a Bio-Resonance test, followed by a guided step-by-step program.

You will receive the juices, followed by detox program treatments.

  • Detox your body & mind - Floating Therapy

  • Detox your body - Drainage and Invigorating Massage

  • Detox your energy - Healing Session, including a state-of-the-art Healing Devices

  • Detox your mind & emotions - Yoga and breath-work

Starter kit (Optional), we recommend you purchase:

  • High vibrational anti-aging product - Pure Pearl Powder.

  • Purification and cleansing supplements - CDS.

  • Enema kit for home use.

  • Grounding sheet or mat, for grounding and clearing EMF ( Harmful radiations )

  • Orgonite EMF canceling for home use

Please speak to one of our staff members for further information.

 Why do you need a Detox? 

Your body neutralizes and eliminates toxins every day, so the so-called detox is happening all the time. However, sometimes we lose track and eat foods that aren’t exactly good for us, we eat sugar, junk food, and refined carbs, and our body has a harder time metabolizing them; nutrients are consumed in the process the liver gets tired. This is when you should reconsider a nutrient-dense diet, to fuel the cells with everything they need for healthy activity. We see the nutrient-rich diet should as a lifetime objective, rather than a 1, 3, or 5 days of detox.

What Is a Yoga Detox?

A yoga detox program uses yoga exercises (asanas) to support the body in eliminating toxins that build up through everyday life in the body’s digestive, endocrine and lymphatic systems. Specific yoga asanas are used to place the body in various positions to stimulate and support specific organs in regaining health and balance or in naturally assisting your body in detoxing the lymphatic system. A combination of the yoga exercises shoulder-stand and fish pose may be used, for example, to harmonize secretions from the thyroid gland, and the twist may be practiced to activate and detox the liver and pancreas. Other yoga exercises are used to optimize the stomach and intestines' functioning, while others will relax the nerves along the spine. Since scientists have determined that 70 percent of our immune system is in the gut, these kinds of exercises can greatly improve your immune system and thus your overall health and well-being.

Detox The Mind.jpg

How can I do a Mind Detox? 

Here are some tips for you!

  • Set your intentions.

  • Start your day with the Five Tibetan Rites. 15 minutes of yoga practice to relieve stress and focus your mind.

  • Practice breathing techniques that will help you to purify heavy emotions and negative thoughts.

  • Take walks and connect with nature.

  • Be present and focused on your body changes and emotions during the detox.

  • Stay away from negative thoughts and emotions, don’t watch the news and annoying television programs.


  • Improves your enjoyment of the moment

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves clarity

  • Boosts mental and emotional stability

  • It makes you calmer and more confident

  • Enhances health and productivity

De -Stress Detox Bath


Float Therapy is the ultimate digital detox, and with regular use, you can begin to establish profound connections between mind, body, and spirit to start living at your full potential.


We’re more plugged in than ever, so be sure to take the time to pause, unplug, and reset. You are always worth it—and all areas of your life will thank you for it. 

Salt detox baths are usually made of Epsom salt, which allows for minerals to “draw out” toxins from the body. Supporters may claim that soaking in an Epsom salt bath can remove harmful toxins and balance the body.

With over 1000 pounds of Epsom salt in our float rooms, this provides a highly effective means of detoxification. Float therapy detoxes you at a deep level helping to draw out impurities, toxins, and heavy metals – there is no parallel in terms of detoxification. In fact, float therapy is said to have the equivalent effects of a 3 day fast!

Do I lose weight during a Detox program?

Yes, you will lose weight during the Detox program. However, we haven’t designed this detox program for quick weight loss but as a way to reconnect to your body, mind and regain inner balance. Your body will be nurtured with fresh nutrients and since you won’t be eating processed and fat foods anymore the weight loss process will naturally occur.

Detox SFC.png

What are the Detox benefits of Massage?


Many people presume that to detox their bodies, they need to focus on their diets. Including massage in a routine can help towards achieving a full body detox.

It helps to improve mood and combat anxiety

  • It has been suggested that massage can help to improve mood. Studies have found reductions in trait anxiety and depression to be among the greatest effects of massage therapy.

Boosts body’s filtration system

  • Massage has been noted for its ability to stimulate the body’s natural cleansing processes, which can slow down due to such factors as poor diet or insufficient exercise.

Can increase energy

  • Any kind of massage helps stimulate the body’s circulation, ensuring that blood pumps around the body with greater vigor. The better your circulation, the more energy you can expect to have and the more effectively your organs will function, particularly regarding the elimination of toxins.

How to do a Complete Body Detox?

  • Eat clean – eliminate meat, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, processed food, fast food, fried food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and gluten. If possible, stay away from salt.

  • Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice twice a day for a high nutrient intake (about 2 cups). – Snack carefully – eat nuts and seeds soaked overnight for magnesium intake.

  • Add nourishing and colorful ingredients to your diet, freshly prepared vegetables with greens, legumes, or brown rice. – Supplement with superfoods for detoxing the liver – turmeric, ginger, spirulina.

  • Make an enema to flush out the accumulated toxins in the colon (this one is recommended especially if you eat meat and/or junk food daily).



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