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Floating Spa


Experience Ultimate Relaxation

Stress Free Center is the first dedicated float spa in Gozo. We have brought our expertise and knowledge of the benefits of flotation therapy to our spa so that you can enjoy everything this unique therapy has to offer. From relief from the stresses of everyday life to the improved creativity and athletic performance that flotation therapy can provide, Stress Free Center is happy to bring this unique experience to Gozo.


Once you’ve decided you would like to experience the immense benefits of floating, we will welcome you to our spa with our two float rooms and spacious float cabins. You'll feel weightless floating in a pod with skin-temperature water filled with nearly 500 kg of Epsom salt, removing all outside distractions.

We provide everything you need before and after your float so that you will be able to relax and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Everyone deserves to feel great in the body, feel healthy in mind, and nourish your soul with a wide range of therapies and massages that would suit your needs.

About Floating

Relax Float

60min Float Sessions

De-stress with a float for peace and quiet

Kindly Pre-book 24 hrs in advance


Float Packages

For some people getting the full benefits of floating takes multiple sessions. We offer packages at a great discount for first-timers!

Please note that these sessions are not transferable.

60min Packages

3 x 60min - €148 "10% OFF"

1 month expiry
6 x 60min - €280 "15% OFF"

6 months expiry
10 x 60min - €440 "20% OFF"

12 months expiry

Bliss Out Float

90min Float Sessions

Let go of ALL Stress with this total relaxation break
Kindly Pre-book 24 hrs in advance

Float Packages

For some people getting the full benefits of floating takes multiple sessions. We offer packages at a great discount for first-timers! 

Please note that these sessions are not transferable.

90min Packages

3 x 90min - €229 "10% OFF"

1 month expiry

6 x 90min - €433 "15% OFF"

6 months expiry
10 x 90min - €680 "20% OFF"

12 months expiry

Special Offers


Use Coupon Code “STRESSFREE” for 10% off your first float appointment. Bring a friend and get 20% OFF!

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Benefits of Floating

Floating is next-level wellness. Our spacious float suites give you genuine time and space completely for yourself with no external stress coming your way. Clinical tests have proven time and again that floating results in a unique and powerful combination of benefits like none other. 

The benefits of floatation therapy are plentiful and can differ from person to person or session to session depending on the circumstances of the individual at the time of the float.  Some experienced floaters say that each and every float is unique. Below are the benefits that one may gain from floating on a regular cadence.  Floating is great for reducing stress. Epsom salts are great for relaxing the body and aching muscles.  Read on below!


▲ Improves muscle performance & recovery
▲ Increases immune function
▲ Regulates blood pressure
▽ Relieves pain & inflammation
▽ Significantly reduces skeletal/joint pressure
▽ Reduces effects of fatigue


▲ Raises serotonin (mood regulation and much more)
▽ Calms acute stress
▽ Reduces long-term anxiety
▽ Lowers cortisol (the stress hormone)
▽ Eases depression
▽ Reduces power and frequency of panic attacks


▲ Induces ultra-deep theta wave brain relaxation
▲ Supports deeper & more restorative sleep
▲ Resets Circadian Rhythm (Jet Lag Relief)
▲ Boosts Awareness & Mindfulness
▲ Sets the ideal internal stage for creativity
▽ Removes all external distractions & stresses



On the day of your float: Avoid shaving, try not to consume any caffeine 4-5 hours prior, and we’d recommend eating a snack about an hour or two before your float. Arrive at least 15 mins before your float to receive your pre-float orientation. All you have to bring is yourself, positive vibes, and an open mind. Each room is fully private, and you go into the tanks nude, so there’s no need to bring a bathing suit. We provide everything you will need during your visit. We’ll get you all checked in, give you a quick tour, and walk you through the whole process. We’ll give you some helpful tips, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you’re super comfortable before your session.

Beginner's Guide

Before You Float

After using the restroom, remove your contacts and make-up if needed, put in your earplugs, and then take a thorough shower. When you’re ready, dry your face, turn off the room lights if you’d like, and carefully enter the float tank. Slowly lie back, find a comfortable position, and allow your mind and body to relax effortlessly.

During Your Float

Once you’ve settled into a comfortable position, center yourself and breathe easily. As you begin to relax, we recommend a simple body scan from head to toe to check for any tension from your muscles. This can be an interesting process, kind of like a self-diagnostic. Be kind and patient with yourself (It is common to feel the tension in your neck/shoulder region - floating with your hands above your head may naturally provide more neck and shoulder support). When your time’s up, music will fade in, easing you out of your float. Turn on the lights and carefully exit the tank when you’re ready. Shower again to rinse off the saltwater, get dressed, and bask in your post-float glow.

After Your Float

After your session, your mind and body will feel relaxed and refreshed due to the weightlessness and isolation from the outside world. Feel free to unwind on the couch with some water or complimentary tea before continuing your day. We recommend taking a few minutes at least to sit, reflect, and simply notice how you feel.

If you’d like to chat about your experience or have any questions for us afterwards we’re always here for you. We may be able to provide some helpful tips for your next float.

Also, keep in mind that your experience isn’t over after your session. Many of our guests report feelings of clarity as well as pain & stress relief for days afterward. A consistent float practice has tremendous health benefits. 

Stress Relief

Float Therapy for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Regular float sessions are a holistic way to release stress and anxiety. For example, REST, or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, offers decreased sensory input to your nervous system as you float weightlessly in 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. Floating tank therapy, along with the minimization of movement and speech, allows your mind and body to recalibrate and lower all sensory signals (also known as sensory deprivation).

To illustrate, those who enter a saltwater spa to lower stress and anxiety have experienced added benefits, like reductions in muscle tension, physical pain, and depression. Moreover, those with Generalized Anxiety Disorder have also experienced the positive effects – when coupled with existing treatment.

You can even practice Dr. Herbert Benson’s relaxation response method for further relief, which is essentially the opposite of the fight-or-flight response. In fact, you can utilize this therapeutic relaxation response tool, along with others, while inside your float tank.

In addition, those practicing float therapy for anxiety- and stress-related reasons exit feeling increased positive changes. These include:

  • Relaxation and serenity.

  • Happiness.

  • Overall well-being.

How to Handle Float Tank Anxiety

Although floatation therapy for anxiety may be the underlying purpose for many visitors, floatation may trigger anxiety – especially if you are prone to unease in new situations. However, at The Stress Free Center, our goal is to ensure you reap the comprehensive benefits of our saltwater therapy sessions, including a customized experience that caters to your needs.

Stress & Anxiety Management

If you do not work to relieve stress and anxiety over time, you may acquire chronic health conditions. In fact, those who do not work toward reducing stress and lowering anxiety levels may experience higher risks of:

  • Raised blood pressure.

  • Diabetes.

  • Heart disease.

  • Panic disorders.

  • Depression.

  • Weakened immune systems.

  • Cognitive problems.

  • Weight fluctuations.

By integrating floatation therapy into your wellness routine – along with other practices and treatments, like meditation, yoga, and psychological therapy – you may be able to mitigate your stress levels, as well as experience the long-lasting benefits of saltwater float therapy and sensory deprivation. Allow this safe, natural remedy to recalibrate your mind and body – when you need it most.

Handsome beard man floating in tank filled with dense salt water used in meditation, thera


Benefits for Athletes

Physical Benefits 

  • Healing: When faced with injury, many athletes turn to float to help them recover more quickly and return to the game. Researchers believe the high concentration of Epsom salt in a float tank plays a part in helping the body more quickly recover after injury. 

  • Pain relief: As any longtime runner can tell you, most athletes deal with injury throughout their lives—and even after they’ve hung up the football helmet or tennis racket. Floating, according to many athletes and everyday floaters, gives an instant and immediate release from chronic pain and lingering injury. 

  • Better sleep: Floating helps improve the quality of sleep, which can be crucial leading up to highly competitive athletic events.

Mental Benefits

  • Stress relief: Like in most professions, athletes perform better when they are not plagued by stress! While performing under pressure is unavoidable for most athletes, floating provides a much-needed escape and enhanced sense of relaxation.

  • Increased focus & concentration: The meditative-like state of floating may deserve all the credit for providing athletes a boost of focus and concentration. Studies have found that basketball players threw more free throws and archers performed better after floating, indicating a higher level of mental focus during competition. 

  • Positive visualization: In their detailed document on floating, the Australian Institute of Sports utilizes floating to help promote positive visualization and mental rehearsal during training sessions. 

Beautiful pregnant woman floating in tank filled with dense salt water used in meditation,


Benefits for Pregnant Women

The weightless relaxation offered by float therapy can help expectant mothers reduce tension from all parts of the body. The benefits of Epsom salt soaking are vast and can range from decreased pain to less inflammation (swelling) of the feet and other parts of the body. And, our saltwater float tanks are rich in magnesium, a mineral supplement commonly prescribed to pregnant women, which can easily be absorbed through the skin.

Take a load off at Float, where we welcome expectant moms into our zero gravity float tanks. With the help of a pool noodle, we can safely coach you on how to flip onto your stomach while floating, which, in the final months of your third trimester can entirely remove the weight of your baby from your body.

Additionally, pregnant women report that float pod therapy can also help you experience a deeper connection with your unborn child. Also referred to as the Mirror Effect, the float tank itself is very womblike, and when paired with the ability to listen to both your own heartbeat and your baby’s heartbeat, can provide a unique and special baby-bonding experience.

Visiting Float Spas After Giving Birth

As a new mom, your floatation journey does not have to end when you give birth. Instead, allow regular float sessions to help you adjust to motherhood. Setting aside time for a saltwater spa can help you:


  • Decrease postpartum depression.

  • Enjoy much-needed rest.

  • Increase self-love.

  • Quicken bodily healing.

  • Absorb magnesium, which is beneficial to breastfeeding.

There are various Epsom salt benefits for new moms. In fact, soaking in a sitz bath comprised of Epsom salt can help relieve itching, irritation, hemorrhoids, constipation, and minor pain surrounding the perineum after childbirth. However, we recommend speaking with your OBGYN to find out when it is safe for you to enter a full float tank again – especially since our float pods, orbs, and cabins contain 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt that permeate through your entire body. Remember that every birth experience and healing process is different, so it is best to consult with your physician, which will allow you to float with care, as well as peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


Phew! No need to plan as we provide everything you'll need. The only thing you really need to bring with you is yourself. Ladies might want to grab some makeup essentials and favorite hair styling products; otherwise, we take care of the fresh towels, sulfate-free bath products, earplugs, ambiance, and some gourmet tea. We even have a powder room with a hair drier and flat iron, hair styling products, and some little necessities to re-enter the world and catch that Happy Hour! 


A few tips. Try avoiding caffeine or having a heavy meal 1-2 hrs before your session, as both can inhibit your body's ability to relax. It is also best not to shave or wax right beforehand because the Epsom salt might sting a bit. Staying well hydrated before and after the float helps promote deeper detoxification. 


Not to worry - we have "first-timers" every day, and most of them express varying degrees of claustrophobia concerns. We take all the extra time and care explaining the process and showing different modifications to ensure everybody feels empowered and in control when they step into the pod. 

For example - our tanks and suites are just about the only ones in town that don't ever automatically turn lights or music OFF. When your session starts, you have beautiful lights and meditative music ON, and they stay on until you manually turn them off using the buttons inside the tank. This means - no surprises for you; you can always adjust what's going on in the tank according to your comfort level.

And of course - nobody locks you in the room or the tanks! You close the lids on the pods and the doors on the suites yourself - meaning, you can leave them cracked- to wide-open, and you can open them and exit the pods at any time. 

There is no judgment either! You don't have to turn the lights off during your first (or the twentieth) float! Do what feels right to you. 


Our standard sessions are 60 min long. We allow extra time to take a shower before and after. As you develop your practice and get more curious, you might want to experiment with longer sessions (90 min or 2 hours). As you see, we look at sensory deprivation sessions as a tool - which you can master and use to your specific needs. We have members who always need a longer float to reach the levels of relaxation they seek, while some regulars feel great with 60 min sessions. You'll likely experiment and find your "sweet spot" after several sessions.



We have the most modern float tanks on the market! The water goes through 3 steps of filtration and sanitation 3 times before every customer. The first step is a physical filter that removes any physical debris, UV, and ozone sanitation to destroy any harmful pathogens. Every time you step into the tank, it's effectively brand new and ready for you!

The whole team takes great care to deliver the best experience to the customers, every time.


We always try to accommodate our walk-ins for float sessions. It's easier during our slower days (Monday - Thursday). However, since our floats start on schedule, we suggest a call ahead to make sure you don't end up waiting for your session too long. However, in case you do - we have our Tea Temple where you can enjoy a snack, tea, and books to keep you comfortable. In fact, many of our regulars come in a bit earlier for their sessions and stay longer after to cozy up in our Tea Temple. This space is yours!

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