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 Immune System Booster & Detox Programme 

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A good Detox can help you feel better, have more energy, and get you started on the path to health. 

When you do it right, it’s a huge benefit to your health.
Here, at the Stress Free Center, we have put together wonderful & beneficial products, combined with specifically designed body treatments, to help your immune system work better!


Immunity Booster Session - Ananda Device

Immune Boost Therapy to the Spleen uses a natural brain wave frequency together with white noise, which is healing in its own right. Also color and the energy of Diamonds and Carnelian crystals all work in synergy with the frequencies to improve the quality of your blood which in turn improves your blood's energy and boosts your immune system in a natural way. This therapy also improves the natural functions of your liver.
When your blood cells are viewed under a microscope in before and after
images, a great improvement can be seen in the cells. They are no longer
stuck together and so are able to carry oxygen much more easily.


Floating Experience

Floating is next-level wellness. Our spacious float suites give you genuine time and space completely for yourself with no external stress coming your way. Clinical tests have proven time and again that floating results in a unique and powerful combination of benefits like none other. 

The benefits of floatation therapy are plentiful and can differ from person to person or session to session depending on the circumstances of the individual at the time of the float.  Some experienced floaters say that each and every float is unique. Below are the benefits that one may gain from floating on a regular cadence.  Floating is great for reducing stress. Epsom salts are great for relaxing the body and aching muscles.

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Coffee & Almond Oil Body Scrub 

This coffee scrub has excellent cosmetic benefits, which work wonders on your skin. The coffee removes toxins from your body, stimulating improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Almond oil penetrates deep into the skin, tightening and strengthening it.

This scrub also provides deep detoxification and reduces signs of cellulite.
In addition, the coffee body scrub makes your skin supple, smooth, and elastic while helping you restore its shape and tightness.

Your skin will look soft and nourished after the first treatment. You will feel energized and confident.


Bentonite Clay & Full Body Massage

This Bentonite Body Clay absorbs and draws out toxins from the skin. The warmth provided by a clay body wrap improves circulation and relieves aches and joint pain. 
The skin suffers a lot of irritations every day due to constant exposure to toxins in the environment. This makes it more in need of detoxification and cleansing, which gets rid of the accumulated toxins.


A few of the bentonite clay detox benefits for the skin:

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles

  • Makes the skin look brighter

  • Soothes skin irritations

  • Tones and firms up the skin

  • Reduces large pores

  • Exfoliation of dead skin cells




What is CBD Oil?


CBD oil is used to treat pain, lower anxiety, and stimulate appetite the same way that marijuana does, but without affecting your mental state. CBD might also help treat some types of seizures. CBD is the short name for cannabidiol, one of the two chemicals in cannabis with the most health benefits.

CBD Oil Benefits

  • Improves well-being and psycho-physical condition

  • Relaxing and de-stressing effect

  • Analgesic effect for chronic neuralgia and menstrual pain

  • Supports natural immunity

  • Against insomnia, neurosis, and depression

  • Eliminates stress and its consequences

  • Antibacterial, antioxidant 

  • Strengthens memory and concentration

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Gaia Gold Capsules - Zeolith & Bentonite Mix

Zeolite and bentonite are as natural products, exceptionally valuable gifts from Mother Earth (Gaia). Our GAIAgold CAPS is a mixture of volcanic zeolite activated and micronized with up to 97% clinoptilolite and naturally active, basic bentonite (tested for harmful substances of pharmaceutical quality with more than 95% montmorillonite). It combines and amplifies mutually the special characteristics of both minerals in an ideal way. Only through the ultrafine grinding (no nanoparticles!) 

GAIAgold CAPS reaches a very large effective surface area and thus optimum detoxification in heavy metals such as Lead and mercury and in environmental toxins such as pesticides and fluorine. It can confidently bind radioactive isotopes.

The brand product from AQUARIUS pro-life

✓ Ultra-fine grinding & filling in vegan HPMC capsules
✓ Extremely enlarged effective surface!
✓ Only tested raw materials of the highest quality
✓ Bentonite content in pharmaceutical purity.
✓ Simple detoxification with optimal elimination properties.
✓ Exclusively informed and energized

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CDS Water Drops

Alkalize your body and raise your vibration with nutritional supplements:
Our physical body tends to accumulate and get full of toxins, heavy metals, and acidic components due to our way of living, which prevents us from awakening the energy system and chakras. Alkalising your diet and body will help you detoxify your physical body, which is necessary to go into a higher state of consciousness.

Supplements vary in their importance, frequency of usage, and necessary dosage. We listed the most important supplements for High Vibrational Health.

• CDS Water Drops

CDS plus is a complete, newly developed, and patented two-component product. After activation, it contains a highly pure watery concentration of chlorine dioxide solution for highly effective elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms, and other sickness-causing germs.


Rain Core

One ounce gives you 8 to 9 servings of fruits and veggies. how? we’ve combined super foods with super seeds and created a super healthy supplement. it’s everything you don’t get but need. Finally, you can live green easily.

What are the benefits?

CORE is stuffed to the brim with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This results in overall bodily well-being, in addition to specific visible benefits. ‍

Energy. Right off the bat, you’re going to feel the difference. When we give the body the nutrients it needs, we allow the body to be its best. ‍

Anti-Ageing. CORE’s nutrients help reduce and slow the ageing process. The high antioxidant levels help neutralize harmful ‘free radicals,’ allowing the body to recover quicker and more effectively. ‍

Improved Cognition. CORE helps improve blood flow, especially when it comes to the flow to the brain. This means improved cognitive function. ‍

Immune System Boost. CORE’s host of 100% plant-derived antioxidants provides a big boost to one’s immune system.

Reduced Inflammation. CORE’s mix of various seed oils, in addition to condensed veggies, reduces the body’s tendency towards inflammation. ‍

Prevents Disease. CORE helps protect the body against larger illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Many scientific studies have proven over the years that taking the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients contained in CORE will reduce the risk of these common ailments.

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