Stress Free Center Team


Lyonne Sundari, Co-Founder of The Stress Free Center.

The Stress Free Center was built with the intention to create a place on this beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo, where one can enjoy peace and tranquility with the options to experience floating, or by gifting oneself as an act of self-love a massage, join a Yoga class, or simply to have a cup of tea at our Vegetarian Cafe, Tea Temple. 

Our vision and message are, life is possible to be lived joyfully and peacefully. We must find a better way of living; the old ways are not working anymore. It's time to learn the new ways that enrichen your life with all that is fulfilling with love and kindness.

Mindo Co-Founder of The Stress Free Center.
is a spiritual teacher currently living in the Maltese Islands. He is helping with spiritual awakenings and raising Consciousness.

He gives regular local and international Retreats, Workshops, Meetings, and Private Counseling sessions. He has held over 1000 Satsangs (meetings in Truth) worldwide, has helped hundreds of people awaken to Higher Consciousness, and his teachings have reached tens of thousands of people around the world. Many people come for private meetings and consultations from all walks of life. Some of them are famous people in the media, business, doctors, spiritual and non-spiritual people. Mindo can assist you in the awakening of Consciousness, overcoming energetic blockages, and helping towards Self-Realization.
Mindo also offers a monthly guided Meditation and Meeting In Truth evening session at the Stress Free Center.

Emilia turned to Yoga as a holistic life approach to heal since she suffered from a spinal injury in her early 20's. This inner journey allowed for a deeper seeing, the interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit, and greater body awareness, which in turn became a crucial inspiration and component of her artistic expression. 

Seeing the positive power and effect of practicing the Asanas, meditation, Kriya's, and Pranayamas have on her life quality, she felt a deep urge to share her experience with others. Emilia is a certified Yoga of Now Teacher and has been rigorously practicing Hatha Yoga for the past three years and Asthanga Yoga prior to that. 


Born here on Gozo, Romina found spiritualism during a difficult time in her life. This brought effective transformation and led the way to deepen her studies with different forms of beliefs and healing practices. She teaches one on one yoga sessions on personal retreats, and her fondest service is to be of support for the unsettled, helping them remember and reclaim their innate love and light back to their being. She also supports running the center and guiding guests to floatation therapy sessions for their best possible experience. 

"Spiritual practices are fundamental for us. 

We embody spirituality within our vessel and therefore we must mindfully connect to it. When we connect to our bodies, our conscious vessels, we are connecting to the source of creation. And it is here in such a state of divinity where we receive wisdom we cannot find elsewhere. Yoga is a powerful form of practice for this and it is why I have kept coming back on the mat for years and why I encourage others to do the same. My practice is based on learning how to go within, connecting deeply enough to listen, to feel and to explore the self for life-altering self-realizations through meditation, breathe work, body movements and forms of energy release." - Romina