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Tea Temple

Find Yourself in an Oasis of Peace!

Our Tea Temple is a chic hidden sanctuary in downtown Victoria, Gozo situated inside the Stress Free Center. After a yoga class, a massage, or a floating pod session, step into another realm that expands beyond the teapot experience and watch as time seemingly flows by.

Tea Temple.jpg
Tea Temple.jpg

At The Stress Free Center Tea Temple, we want to offer you not only a serene and peaceful experience but to enjoy our most delicious vegetarian, vegan snacks and raw desserts.

We specialize in Organic Teas such as Shanteo teas and Yogi teas.

Our team members cook with passion and have great dedication to producing healthy, high-vibrational food and desserts. 

We believe that health is key to a happy life!

Health really means LIFE in harmonious BALANCE. Anything that cuts off Life power from your body, mind, and soul is NEGATIVE for you.

Why? Because it turns off your Life Switch little by little. When the Switch turns too far, LIFE can't get into your body via the brain.

Tea Temple



At SHANTEO®, we select the finest teas of the utmost quality and deliver to you the pleasure of the ancient tradition and its modern development. First of all, authentic teas can only come from plantations, following established practices and traditions. Secondly, certification in EU laboratories is required to ensure the safety of the product and correspondence of its ingredients to established norms. We are proud to have a supplier that is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and in possession of ISO and Organic range certification.

Appreciating the value of the tea, its history, distinctiveness, and proper preparation technique allows discovering the true taste of the chosen treasure. 

The beauty of tea opens up like a flower - step by step, you learn and discover more specialties of the drink, and we truly enjoy opening the world of teas to you, and there is no greater reward than seeing you smile from enjoying a cup of our tea or choosing a gift for somebody special. True beauty can only be made with love, and that is what SHANTEO® commits to. Every step that we took, every tea that we selected, every name that we gave to infusions – we have been blessed with inspiration, and we love to bring the result to you. Wishing you great discoveries in the world of teas and looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

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Yogi tea Stress Free Center Gozo.jpg

About Yogi Teas 

Our herbs and spices – Organic? Of course!

We have applied this attitude to all of our work, and it flows into what we do every day. First and foremost, of course in our products. This is why all our tea varieties are 100% certified-organic: We dispense with any form of artificial additive, flavor enhancer, or flavoring in our product development. Of course, all our raw materials are free of genetic engineering and are subject to strict quality controls, often exceeding the legally prescribed limits.

The best ingredients from certified organic cultivation

Tea is quite a complex matter and highly global. Over 120 spices from 80 countries are the basis for the unique taste of our products. What unites them all is that they are all organically grown and processed.


When organic was not as important as it is today, we pioneered sustainable agriculture. We traveled to the world's remotest corners to find the best ingredients from certified organic cultivation for our unique tea blends.

What exactly does that mean?

Quite simply: All our farmers avoid mineral nitrogen fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides. Pesticides and genetic engineering are taboo because we care about both the health of our consumers and the farmers. In this way, soil, water, and air are preserved in their natural state, which also benefits biodiversity and the entire ecosystem in its natural cycle. In summary, only pure nature finds its way into our tea bags.

To guarantee this, our farmers are audited annually by the national partners of the internationally active certification bodies Ecocert and IMO. We are proud that each of our varieties bears the EU organic seal, usually supplemented by the respective national organic logo. As soon as our high standards are threatened or are no longer met, we immediately start looking for an adequate replacement. Also, we have also introduced our own vegan and gluten-free label because this is an important piece of information for more and more of our customers.

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